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What is the Purpose of the Overall App?

This volunteering app enables schools, parent groups, and the overall parent community to engage in all facets of the volunteering process in one secure,easy-to-use software application.

What is the Gaming Element?

Many schools have a volunteer hours quota. This can sometimes come across as a pure compliance exercise that negatively motivates people to volutneer. No more! This app uses proven “gamification” techniques and positive reinforcement to better engage the school community. Users select “saint avatars,” accumulate points (instead of hours), and can advance to different levels of volunteerism inspired by positive messaging from the saint avatar.

What does this cost and how do I pay?

There is a simple fixed monthly fee starting at $100 per month. Please review the Terms of Use for more information.

How do I access support?

There is a support icon on all versions of the app (desktop, tablet, mobile) that is available to all users. You will find answers to many of the common questions there. If you are the designated Leader for your school, you would also have the ability to submit questions through

Will there be updates to the app?

We are constantly looking to improve the app. To that end, updates will happen, but will not be disruptive to your school community. Any ground breaking changes will be announced on our website.

How secure is the app?

Connect1 leverages state of the art cloud technology on top of Amazon Web Services to ensure a stable and secure experience. All your personal data is governed by our Privacy Policy.

Updated on: 28/07/2023

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