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Change Your Email Address

Changing Your Email Address

Note: To use the Google, Apple, or Facebook sign-in options, your Connect1 account must use the same email address as the desired sign-in option. If your Connect1 account is not linked to the same email address as your Google, Apple or Facebook account, you must change your Connect1 email address to use those sign-in options.

In this example, Eve Greenwood wants to change her current email address ( to a Google account (

Log in normally with the current email.

Click on “Profile” on the left menu.

Click on the current email.
In this example, it’s “”

Delete the current email and type the new email.
In this example, Eve wants to change it to “”

This “Success” window will pop up. Click “OK.”

The new email will also receive a verification code. As of January 2023, please ignore this email.

Log in with your Gmail account through the regular login boxes OR one of the other "Sign in with" options.

Updated on: 28/02/2023

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