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Sign In with Facebook

Sign In with Facebook

Note: To use the Google, Apple, or Facebook sign-in options, your Connect1 account must use the same email address as the desired sign-in option.

If your Connect1 account is not linked to the same email address as the Google, Apple or Facebook account, you won’t be able to use those sign-in options.

To change your Connect1 account email address, click this link for guidance.

In this example, Joseph St. Lily is going to use the “Sign in with Facebook” feature. His Connect1 email address is already the same as the email address associated with his Facebook account.

Click on "Sign in with Facebook”

The first time Joseph uses this sign in option, Connect1 will ask if you want to link your Facebook account with your Connect1 account.
Click “Yes, Please”

This “Confirmation” window will pop up. Click “Yes”

After the account is successfully linked, click “Back to Login”

Click “Sign in with Facebook”

Joseph’s account has automatically opened, and he’ll be able to use the “Sign in with Facebook” option in the future!

Updated on: 03/03/2023

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