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January 2022 App Updates

NEW Family Volunteering Data Report

Happy New Year from the Connect1, Inc. team! As we begin 2022 with fresh energy and optimism, we are excited to share a new report with our Parent and School Administrative users--The Family Volunteering Data Report.

What is the Family Volunteering Data Report?

Downloadable report for School and Parent app administrators that shows volunteer point data “By Family” or “By User”.
Provides the ability to run the report for a defined date range.
Provides a holistic view of volunteer hours including: earned, committed and adjusted hours.
Allows easy sorting and filtering for more detailed analysis of your school's volunteer hours data.

How to Access the Report:

1. From the Dashboard, select "My Apps" from the menu bar.

2. Click on "School Users".

3. Click on the download arrow and select "Family Volunteering Data Report"

4. Enter the date range and select "Download by Family" or "Download by User".

Updated on: 25/05/2023

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