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Simplify You Process

Simplify Your Process

While the process of volunteering may seem simple --- a subset of folks create volunteering events, overall community can sign-up for those events, and the volunteers are then typically required to report their volunteer hours to school or parent group leader. It can be fraught with manual processes and lots and lots of emails.

Most schools have hundreds of events across school, classroom, and year-long positions. The sheer volume of events makes this process more complex.

This reason they track their own hours is because most people use Sign-up Genius for event creation, which is a generic tool not designed specifically for such purposes.

Therefore, schools then employ a separate tool for hours tracking. Not to mention that Catholic schools have requirements for volunteering with kids that need to be tracked offline. This is crazy!

Ideally, the process would include the following:

An environment that is secure and centralized where only your school community can access;
An automated process for creating events, assigning points to roles, and identifying volunteering eligibility criteria;
One place that is visible only to the school community showing all events and roles available for volunteering at the school;
A family dashboard showing all accumulated points;
An ability for school leaders to see community engagement levels and to promote events as needed or target communications to certain families.

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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