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Talent Matching

What is Talent Matching?

We recognize that your event or requested position may require a specific talent, and your parent community is full of talents you can leverage to make your event more successful. This new feature will allow your community to engage in events aligned with their talents captured during the app registration process.

Why Should I add a Talent to My Event or Position?

Adding a talent to your event or position is not required, however, there are times when a specific talent may be needed. The app allows the flexibility to capture that information and users will have a new tab on the volunteer board to recommend “talent matched” volunteering roles. In addition, parents are more likely to volunteer for things that match their talents which ultimately will help increase parent engagement at your school.

What are the Talents to Choose For My Event?

There are a variety of talents to choose from within our Arts, Business, Education, Marketing and Technology categories. Based on the talents you select; the app will identify members of your parent community that have those talents.

Updated on: 07/02/2023

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