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What does it mean to be a "Leader"?

As the Leader, you will have the ability to (1) setup your school profile, including your school colors and logo (2) invite your school community, (3) see detailed reports of all volunteering activity, (4) assign roles to other community members, and (5) designate community members as being eligible or ineligible to volunteer for specified events per your school’s policy.

What is a "Theme" and why should the school do this?

“Theming”refers to adding your school’s specific logo and color scheme to make the app look like an extension of your website and other school-specific sites. This enables your school to showcase its technical prowess and to market to prospective families your innovative use of mobile applications.

How do I upload my school logo, header image, and school colors?

Make sure you have a high resolution image of your logo (in a 1:1 aspect ratio is best) and a header image (aspect ratio of 3:1 is best). Choose two school colors, a primary color and a secondary color. As soon as you select these and save, you will see the scheme of the app conform to your specific school!

What are the various roles that can be assigned by the Leader?

There are 3 roles. Leader = owner of the app with ability of all roles and privileges (e.g. School Leader or Parent Leader). You should not assign this role to anyone else unless you are absolutely sure; Creator = someone who has an ability to create volunteer events (typically your Parent Group, Homeroom Teachers, Room Parents, Select Others); Basic User = everyone (parents, guardians, faculty). The Leader is the only person that can assign roles to the school community members.

How do I invite members of my school community?

The Leader goes to the “Community” Page and clicks on the “Invite Users” button. You simply enter their name, email, select their role, and identify whether they have satisfied your school’s eligibility criteria.

What is "Eligibility Criteria" and do I need it?

As a school, you likely have defined criteria for whether someone can volunteer at your school. The Leader defines who in the community has satisfied this criteria. The criteria determines if a volunteer has performed the training or submitted the documentation required to be able to participate as a volunteer for specified event types.

How do I link this app to my website?

Once you have setup your school you will see a link that points to your new Connect1 website. With this link you can work with your website webmaster to add a menu item on your landing page. Some schools like to name their app center,like the “Wildcat App Center” or “Parent Portal”. Connect that menu item to the domain provided to you.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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