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All About Positions

What is the Positions Feature?

The positions feature is formerly known as “All Year”. This feature is designed for any position needed during the school year in which a volunteer earns the maximum points goal at your school. Examples of Positions include PTO Board Roles, Room Parents, Committee Chairs, etc.

What is the Start Date and End Date of a Position?

The start date and end date of a position is used to help volunteers understand the time commitment of the position.

How do Points Accrue for Positions?

The app allows the flexibility to accrue points for the position based on the start date or end date of the position (depending on your school’s volunteer program policy). There is a drop-down selection to choose “Accrue at the Start” or “Accrue at Completion” when creating or editing a position.

Any existing positions on your school’s volunteer board will default to “Accrue at Completion” and can be edited by the event creator to “Accrue at Start” if applicable.

Updated on: 18/08/2023

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