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Edit a Draft

Edit a Draft

A draft can be edited and saved as many times as needed before being published. Even after publishing, you can always go back and edit it.

In this example, Brenda Williams is going to edit her event St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt.

To find your draft, visit the “Volunteer” board and click on “Show Drafts”.

Click on your draft. In this example, click on the St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt.

Click on the settings wheel.

You can also change the event owner of a draft: Change Event Ownership

Click “Edit Draft”.

Continue to edit information. In this example, change the title to "2023 St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt" and clarify the event category.

Click “Save Draft” or “Next”. In this example, click “Save Draft” .

Brenda can make changes to the event as a draft and after it is published.

Updated on: 04/08/2023

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