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Change User Roles & Privileges

Change User Roles & Privileges

Your community is constantly changing! New parents step up and become admins, others parents replace them as room parents. Past admins must give new admins their privileges before the new admins have access to everything they need.

In this example, parent admin Emily Johnson is giving Jeffrey Gomez the "Creator" role so that Jeffrey can create, save, and edit, events. For a breakdown of each role's level of access, see the Roles and Privileges Breakdown Chart article.

Click on My Apps.

Click on School Users.

Click on the desired user's name. In this example, it's Jeffrey Gomez.

Click on the Roles & Privileges box and select the desired option (Basic User, Creator, or Admin). In this example, Jeffrey is going from a Basic User to a Creator.

Click Save Changes.

Click** OK.

Updated on: 04/08/2023

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