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Community Directory

Community Directory

Your community directory isn't just a list of names. We've added these features to better know and engage with your school community:

Digital, centralized community contact information with advanced action features
Digital school directory produced automatically from app registration (no need for separate process!)
Ability to access text, email, or call apps to directly contact people
Directory board with easy filters for grade or homeroom teacher
Separate filter for parents vs. faculty
Detailed view of family, children, grades, nicknames and more

To view the community directory, click on "Community" in the left menu.

One in the community directory, you can see all the families and faculty members in your school community.
Filters include:
Community, Families, Faculty

If you click on a family name, you can see their contact information (if they opted to include it), and the full list of "grownups" and "children" in that family.

You can also click on the "Talents" tab and see the grownups' areas of expertise.

Updated on: 21/02/2023

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