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Parents & Guardians: Validation Process

Validation Process: Parents & Guardians

Complete the verification process for your personal account. For best results, we recommend using a laptop or desktop.

STEP 1: Open the Connect1 App (from your laptop or phone)

STEP 2: Enter your credentials and follow the prompts to validate or update the following information:
Family Profile
Children’s Grade Levels
Make sure any graduates of the previous school year are removed from your family profile
Make sure any non-returning students are removed from your family profile
Confirm the grade levels for currently enrolled students are accurate
Talents & Interests

STEP 3: Confirm your avatar and update if necessary.

STEP 4: After completing the validation process, be sure to check the Volunteer Board and sign up for upcoming events in the new school year!

Updated on: 04/08/2023

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