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Merge Family: Send an Invitation

Merge Family - Sending an Invitation

Parents and grandparents can accidentally create duplicate accounts for their families, and sometimes users need to merge those different accounts into one family.

In this example, Mia Sanchez wants to add the grandparent John Sanchez to her family.

Click on “Profile” on the left menu.

Click on “Family Details.”

Click on “Merge Family.”

Scroll through the family names or type in a specific name. You can also type the name in the search bar.
In this example, Mia Sanchez types John Sanchez’s last name.

Click on the family name. Then click “Request Merge.”

This “Confirmation!” window will pop up. If you’ve selected the correct family name, click “Yes.”

This “Success” window will pop up. Now, Mia Sanchez waits for John Sanchez to confirm that request. Click** “OK.”**

Updated on: 28/02/2023

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