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Merge Family: Accept an Invitation

Merge Family: Accepting an Invitation

In this example, Mia Sanchez has invited John Sanchez to join her family. Now it’s John’s turn to accept the request.

1 . From his dashboard, there are two ways for John to reach the next step. By clicking on his saint avatar on the top right, John can see a notification letting him know that “Mia Sanchez requested to merge both families into one.”

John can either click on that notification or click on “Profile.”

Once on his profile, John may click “Reject” or “Accept.”

This “Confirmation!” window will pop up. If you’ve sure you want to merge both families, click “Yes.”

This “Success” window will pop up. Click** “OK.”**

Now, when both families look in their “Family Details” section, each will appear to be in a different household within the same family.

Updated on: 28/02/2023

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